Overview of your profile

Establish your investor profile with me and learn how to maximize your investments. Get valuable advice tailored to your reality.


Investment objective

Your investments will be made based on your objectives and your criteria (current financial situation, age, etc.).


Investment duration

A well-defined investment horizon guides your investments in a significant way, as does the duration, which also affects performance.


Risk tolerance

Do you need stability or are you a self-described risk-tolerant investor? Establishing this parameter will enable you invest in your best interests.


Several investment options depending on your profile


Save for a vacation or project or put money aside in case of an emergency or unforeseen event. Unlock your savings’ full potential.

  • Goal: Emergency fund, projects, money set aside, etc.
  • Duration: Short term
  • Risk tolerance: Low


By establishing your investor profile, we can determine the type of investment that best suits you. Achieve returns based on your criteria.

  • Goal: Invest to grow your money based on your investor profile
  • Duration: Medium/long term
  • Risk tolerance: Low to high


With the help of your advisor, plan your retirement based on your goals and find out how much money you need to set aside.

  • Goal: Having enough money to enjoy a well-deserved retirement
  • Duration: Variable (depending on the time available to accrue money)
  • Risk tolerance: Low/moderate


Save in an education fund so your children can experience a rewarding academic journey! RESPs also offer government subsidies.

  • Goal: Holding a suitable education fund
  • Duration: From birth to 18
  • Risk tolerance: Low to average